A woman’s ‘time of the month’ can be tedious especially having to change sanitary napkins several times during the day. There is a notion that women bleed a lot during menstruation. But the real fact is that women don’t bleed as much they think they do. Due to the number of sanitary napkins that are changed or disposed during every cycle we are quick to assume that women shed a lot of blood. This is because sanitary napkins absorb blood in such a way that the entire napkin spreads the menstrual fluid evenly, making women believe that they shed a lot of blood.


Research has found that the menstrual flow in adolescents can be up to 80ml per period. For adults, the period cycle might range anywhere between 6-8 days; where it is normal for a woman to shed from 5 to 80 ml of menstrual fluid, which approximately rounds up to 6 tablespoons of blood. So as you can see we’ve got it all wrong when we think that women lose a lot of blood.

A regular day time fully soaked pad may hold around 5 ml and fully soaked overnight pad may hold around 10-15ml of blood. But due to various reasons such as lesser capacity of pad absorption, discomfort levels and most importantly, the risk of bacterial infection and rashes, women are advised to change pads every 4 hours, giving women the impression that she bleeds so much, she needs to change pads several times a day.

Yet another reason why we feel that cloth pads won’t be able to absorb well is because when we use plastic based sanitary napkins, they tend to blot which makes the menstrual fluid seem like a lot when during the entire menstrual cycle the blood actually amounts to just up to 5-6 tablespoons. Due to this misconception, we feel that cloth pads won’t be able to handle the flow.

However, today, because of many health and environmental reasons women have now begun switching to reusable pads for periods. At first you might be hesitant in trying out a new menstrual product like cloth pads such as Avni Safepad, but once you begin using it more consistently you will find that this cloth pad is one of the most absorbent cloth pads and is also one of the best cloth pads for periods. Having a natural soft fabric, it has proven to be comfortable and poses no risk of infections unlike plastic based sanitary napkins.

In addition, the cloth pad has a breathable top layer which prevents irritation as well as chaffing which occurs from frequent usage of plastic based pads. Cloth pads that absorb well can provide you with relief leaving you without any feeling of discomfort, that’s one of the reasons why Avni Safepad is one of the best cloth pads in India for menstruating women of all age groups.

The cloth pad is composed of 3 high-performance fabrics layers which helps in rapid absorption, leak proof and provides a dry feel. It is designed in such a way that it can hold up to 20-30 ml of menstrual discharge. And since it is a reusable cloth pad, it is economical as well and serves to protect the environment.  You can now buy cloth pads online as well as other reusable menstrual products.

Now that you know about how well cloth pads absorb, would you like to know whether they are hygienic or not? Head over to our blog to read more about whether cloth pads are hygienic.

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