Give HER The Gift Of Dignified, Hygienic And Infection Free Periods For 3 Years Without Depending On Any External Supplies.

Project DAAG (Destroying Accessibility & Acceptance Gap) is our outreach program to cover a female dominated sector every year, to create awareness around the associated challenges they face during menstrual cycles.

She deserves it

1 out of 5 girls quit school every year from not having access to good quality period products

80% of waste pickers are women. They walk hours for work and have to depend on plastic loaded pads which leads to bruises around the thighs.

Sex workers have to depend on inferior quality products or rags, toilet paper during their periods.

The Solution

We at Avni pledge make periods a safe and hygienic experience for EVERY menstruator out there, even those who cannot afford our products.

We have pledged a part of our profits to our Impact Project DAAG to make good quality period products accessible to them.

Why this solution?

Using disposable period products means heavy spends or dependence on external sources for supply.

Avni Antimicrobial Cloth pads are designed for effectiveness and low maintenance. Cloth pads are more familiar with low income groups, the anti-microbial feature prevents bacterial infections. They require very less water and regular soap to wash which can be done while washing other clothes. Even if dried indoors there is no buildup of bacteria. Plus they are made in women self-help groups.

Our Impact Partners


Kamakhya Health Organization, Surat

Aram Foundation,Coimbatore

Red is the New Green, Mumbai