Natural Cotton Pads with wide wings & hip guards - Pack 4 pads

A game changer pad that’s guaranteed:

But why believe just because we are saying. Try it to believe it

  • Rash Free Periods
  • 1.5x more absorbent
  • Wider Coverage
  • Free SMART disposal bag
Rs. 79

1. How many pads are there in the box?

There are total 12 pads in a box. You can easily customize your pack from 3 sizes as per your flow

2. What is the difference between Avni natural pad and regular pad?

Avni natural pads are fully made of natural cotton. Regular pads have plastic and chemicals which cause irritation and rashes.

3. Can my 13 years old daughter use Avni Natural pads?

Yes ! Our R (240 mm) pads are designed to fit growing bodies so young girls do not feel uncomfortable with bulky pads that are too large for them to go about their days with ease.

4. What is the length of the pad?

Avni natural pad comes in three sizes. 

XL (330mm) for heavy flow days

M (280mm) for moderate flow days

R (240mm) for low flow days

All our pads are ultra-thin and comfortable to wear

5. How often should I change my pad?

We recommend changing pads once every 6-8 hours on moderate flow days and a little more frequently on heavier flow days.

6. What are the delivery charges?

The delivery on prepaid orders is free. 

Cash on delivery is 50/- charges

7.What is your shipping policy?

We process and post your order within 2-5 working days of you placing the order.

Local holidays apply. Once your parcel is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email to the email id that you provided when you made your order. Please also check your spam-mail just in 

case. For any other queries, please contact us at

8. Is there a trial pack?

Yes, we do have a trial pack of 4 pads. Please check in the trial pack section.

9. How much does each size absorb?

Our natural cotton pads absorbs up to 100 ml

10. Are these pads disposable and biodegradable?

Yes, these pads are biodegradable within 6-8 months

11. How can I customise and subscribe my own pack?

Just select the number of pads from each size as per your flow. Select the frequency at which you would like to receive your pack and we will get it delivered at your doorstep.


Ingredients: 100% natural cotton top sheet, biodegradable gel to absorb fluid effectively and breathable biodegradable bottom layer with micropores.

We make sure only natural cotton touches your skin. With ethically sourced raw materials, we proudly craft these pads in India with No plastic, No toxins and No perfume.

Each pad comes with a free disposal bag, printed with red dot for a waste picker friendly disposal.


Avni Natural Pads
sanitary pads
Quick absorption
Stay put wings
Hip guards
Premium organic cotton
4 wide wings
Rapid absorb channels
Customised box 
Free biodegradable disposal bag
Waste picker friendly
Trial pack available
100% zero risk trial

Why choose Avni Natural Cotton Pads?

We choose only the best ingredients for you so you go through your periods like breeze. Every period is different so customize your pack of 12 pads.

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