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Avni Fluff- FAQ

1. How many sizes are there in Avni Fluff?

There are 4 sizes - Regular (240mm),Large (280mm), XL (330mm) and XXL (360 mm)

2. How long does Fluff absorb? Does it leak? How frequently I should change?

The pad comfortably absorbs for 8 hours without leaks. Change once in 8 hours.

3. Will there be stains after washing?

Avni reusable pads are 100% stain free.

4. How long does Fluff last?

Avni antimicrobial pads last for 3+ years, just follow the washing instructions carefully.

5. How should I wash Avni Fluff reusable pads?

Try the 100% plant based Avni Cloth Pad Wash for toxin free care. 

6. What about smell?

If the wash care instructions are followed carefully and sundried, the pad does not smell.

7. Can I use Avni Fluff when in office/school/college?

Yes, you can comfortably use it outside. Just remember to carry and extra pad to change. Fold the used pad as per the storage instructions. Don't worry nothing will leak out.

8. I am new to using cloth pads? What can you suggest me?

Congratulations on the new beginning. We suggest you start with spotting days, low flow days, night time and holidays. You can gradually switch to the full cycle.

9. Is there a trial pack?

Yes, we do have a trial pack of 2 pads. Please check in the trial pack section.