Our mission is to make Sustainable Menstruation Easy and Accessible for All.

The inspiration behind Avni comes from Sujata's personal experience.

A menstruator for 18 years now, commercial pads have always caused rashes and irritation. 10 years back, I decided to do something about it. I was scared of using the menstrual cup so I decided to try cloth pads. My hectic travelling job was making it a bit tough to use them on all days. So I adopted a period routine of using cloth pads during the night while at home, holidays or low flow days. I loved them so much that I eventually shifted to them on all days, even during travels. Even today I alternate between cloth pads, cup and cotton disposable pads during the 5 days of periods. All depending on my schedule and travel plans.

We know every period is different. At Avni we make clean, tested, sustainable, functional products that work for you. We care for Mother Earth while we are at it.

What is Good for Earth is Naturally Good for You and Easy to adopt too !

Holistic Care for You

Avni means The Earth. We are reinventing the way you experience your menstrual cycle. We take a modern appraoch to the time tested, ancient ways of managing menstrual cycles with high quality, natural ingredients you can trust.

Empowering Women

Each Cloth pad you buy is handstitched with love by our tribe of amazing women across various parts of rural India. With every pad you purchase one women walks with pride toways financial independence

Give Back

A part of our profits go towards empowering women and girls with education and good quality products. We partner with social enterprises and individuals across the world.

24X7 Support

We know switching your period product is not so easy. Our community of amazing women, doctors and experts are there the help you all along.

Products that Care

For you and Mother Earth. By producing zero-waste products, hosting educational workshops, we seek to change the narrative on menstruation in India


We only use the best ingredients that are zero waste and ethically sourced!

When we say best, we don’t just mean what’s best for you; we also mean what’s best for the planet. We go to great lengths to ensure all of our ingredients are organic and all of our products are non-toxic. All of our packaging is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. So feel free to pamper yourself.

Our products are proudly Made in India !

We believe that true empowerment comes when you trust local ingredients and local skills

Our Impact Project DAAG


We seek to create a world where menstruation is not considered a taboo anymore, where period poverty isnt a thing and every menstruator is proud of bleeding. We aim to help you connect with your inner self. Womanhood is special and we want to be a part of your journey from the first drop of blood to the last hot flash.