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Fluff PL FAQ

1. When should I use a panty liner?

Daily white discharge

Low flow period days

Mild incontinence

Accidental urine leaks

Backup for menstrual cups


2. How long is Avni Fluff Panty liner?

It is available in 3 sizes - S (200 mm), L (240mm), XL (300 mm).

Choose depending on your body weight and coverage you need.


3. How much does it absorb? Does it leak? How frequently should I change?

The liner absorbs only up to 5 ml.It can be used for 10-12 hours easily.


4. Will there be stains after washing?

Avni panty liners are 100% stain free.


5. How long does Fluff panty liner last?

They last for 3+ years, just follow the washing instructions carefully.


6. How should I wash Avni Fluff reusable pads?

Try the 100% plant based liquid detergent to wash for toxin free care. 


6. What about smell?

If the wash care instructions are followed carefully and sundried, the pad does not smell.


7. Can I use Avni Fluff panty liner when in office/school/college?

Yes, you can comfortably use it outside for 10-12 hours unless there is excess discharge