Tested Antimicrobial Washable Cloth Pad, No stains, No infections

India's first modern washable cloth pad that protects from infections
  • No stains, No infections, We guarantee
  • High performance fabrics to give dry feel without leaks
  • Absorbs for 5-7 hours, Use for 3+ years
  • Handstitched by women in livelihood projects
Rs. 399

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Kavitha Abhilash

Even though the material is soft, I felt it to be a bit more warm than the one I currently use, also the padding inside isn’t stitched all around hence it sort of moves around which would not be appropriate on good flow days of my cycle & the regular pad is a bit too long similar to the night pad.
All else good, the fitting, the underlying non soaking material, the wash ability, colour. Thank you.

Totally impressed with these cloth pads

Im extremely impressed with these pads when it comes to the cause they cater, their quality and the comfort they provide, they’re quite soft and easy to wear and wash. They dry up easily as well. The material is soft and comfortable. However, it’s a little difficult to wear them during high flow days since they slip a little and cause stains. Otherwise, highly recommended!

Excellent ecofriendly sanitary napkins

Package was delivered in time. Box is quite sturdy so no damage. What I liked the most is inner pouch for storage. Very convenient! I was doubtful about absorbency of cotton pads but Ezeepads absorb just like normal plastic- based pads. Each pad is individually wrapped so felt hygienic! They are super soft and did not cause any rashes (extra points for that! ??). The disposal bags are very useful and gave me a guilt-free feeling! All in all, they are premium quality pads at an affordable price. Worth giving a shot!

Awesome and highly recommended

Awesome and highly recommended. 

Amazing product, Highly recommended

Amazing product. I was recommended Avni Safepad by one of my friend. Initially I felt cloth pad will be unhygienic and washing would be tedious. But believe me, Avni Safepad is different. Easy to use, easy to wash with no leaks. It dries off quickly and economical too compared to disposable pads. A must try product.

1. How many sizes are there?

There are two sizes - Large (280mm) and XL (330mm) to choose from

2. How long does it absorb? Does it leak?

The pad comfortably absorbs for 5-7 hours, sometimes more on low flow days

3. How frequently should I change the pad?

You need to change the pad once in atleast 8 hours. 

4. Will there be stains?

Avni pads are made of technical fabrics that are stain proof.

5. How long do these pads last?

Avni pads last for 3 years, just follow the washing instructions carefully.

6. How should I wash the pads?

Try the 100% plant based Avni Cloth pad wash for toxin free care. 

7. Does it smell?

If the wash care instructions are followed carefully and sundried, the pad does not smell.

8. Can I use the pad when in office/school/college?

Yes, you can comfortably use it outside. Just remember to carry and extra pad to change. Fold the used pad as per the storage instructions. Don't worry nothing will leak out.

9. What is Avni cloth pad made of?

The Avni cloth pad is made of engineered fabrics. The top layer helps you feel dry, two layers of absorbent fabric at the core and leak proof layer at the bottom.

10. I am new to using cloth pads? What can you suggest me?

Congratulations on the new beginning. We suggest you start with spotting days, low flow days, night time and holidays. You can gradually switch to the full cycle.

11. What are the delivery charges?

The delivery on prepaid orders is free. 

Cash on delivery is 50/- charges

12.What is your shipping policy?

We process and post your order within 2-5 working days of you placing the order.

Local holidays apply. Once your parcel is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email to the email id that you provided when you made your order. Please also check your spam-mail just in 

case. For any other queries, please contact us at care@myavni.com

13. Is there a trial pack?

Yes, we do have a trial pack of 2 pads. Please check in the trial pack section.

Avni reusable cloth pad is made with a blend of engineered fabrics for maximum comfort, absorbency and convenience.

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