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Article: Her Period. Her Choice. Or is it?


Her Period. Her Choice. Or is it?

I met a woman last week during one of the menstrual cycle awareness sessions. A chirpy being, she broke down while sharing her periods experience every month. 

She suffers from hypothyroidism and PCOD which has led to considerable weight gain including the thigh area. All factors put together make the 5-6 period days intolerable owing to the irritation, chafing and itchiness, let alone the discomfort and pain. So much so that she has to take a holiday and sit at home for at least first 3 days

As I demonstrated all the skin friendly and eco friendly alternatives to manage menstruation, she got excited. A reusable menstrual pad came as a beacon of hope. What could be better than putting a hygienic cloth down there. All excited she discussed with her husband that very evening.

Reusable menstrual pad

“Woman to husband: I think I am going to use cloth pads. They absorb really well and might give me some relief from the irritation and itching.

Husband: Do not use cloth, it causes cancer. Padman movie also shows this”

The next day she called me, dejected sharing their conversation and that she has decided not to try one. I did not have anything to say.

Now I appreciate the moviemakers for taking a critical yet sensitive topic head on. It did move the needle in the right direction. I do not blame the husband either. He was just taking care. But still a few questions arise

  1. Was it not possible to do a little more research on the pad?
  2. Shouldn’t the woman have shown a little more determination in choosing what she felt was best for her?

See the issue is with using old rags that are not washed, not dried well and not stored hygienically.

The issue is with the woman being considered a total outcast for those days stripping off her dignity.

The issue is the decision of what she should use or not is taken by someone who will not go through the experience in his whole life.

The issue is the woman not determined enough to take and own these decisions for her own comfort.

Now millions of women around the world who use the modern hygienic cloth pads will vouch that

  • A well stitched reusable pad made from world class fabrics is the softest thing you can put down there during those tough days.
  • They stand the absorb – no leak test even on the heaviest flow days.
  • Patented innovations are making them smarter to not only absorb but also prevent.
  • Cloth pads help her better connect with your inner self as they help you directly get in touch with your menstrual blood.
  • A sustainable, low waste choice can be her little way of giving back to Mother Nature. 

We hear a lot of talk about feminism and the whole advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of equality of sexes. I guess the onus lies on women to have their own opinions and express them strongly where required for this needle to move in the right direction, or at least in the direction we expect it to.

We are our biggest strength and sisterhood will see us through it all.

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