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Article: Risks of Using Single Use Panty Liners Everyday

Risks of Using Single Use Panty Liners Everyday
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Risks of Using Single Use Panty Liners Everyday

Panty liners are a blessing in disguise for those residing in tropical regions, face discharges and in a nutshell have a vagina! Panty liners are not necessarily as sturdy as pads, and they don’t have to be either.

What are panty liners?

They are lite versions of your conventional sanitary pad but thinner and much smaller, with a limited capacity to absorb. They are usually used to absorb vaginal discharge or period blood during the last days of the flow. However, single use panty liners are not a good idea - especially if you are looking for more healthy options.

The problem with using single use panty liners daily

Where should we start with this?

Wearing single use panty liners, is as suggested, limited to single use, so wearing them for extended period times or multiple times can cause health as well as sustainability issues.

Using single use panty liners daily

Here are a few of the said issues.

1. Bacterial infection

Bacterial infections are not fun. They not only cause physical duress, but impact your day to day activities and disrupt your mental peace with constant itch and pain. This has a counteractive impact on your work and can dampen your productivity in the long run.

If you use single use panty liners everyday, chances are that you might end up wearing them for a long time - perhaps the whole office timeline of 9 to 5. Since panty liners are thin , chances are, they might end up getting saturated much before the day ends. Being laced with chemicals also doesn’t help single use panty liners make their case in the health department.

Long hours and limited absorption  leads to excessive collection of discharge on the liner that leads to infection. Persistent exposure to this wetness the whole day can cause rashes, and itches to name a few.

2. Wastage

As most panty liners are not sufficient to soak up the discharge, users might end up using more than required and end up wasting a lot of these products. This is not a very sustainable idea both ecologically as well as economically.

3. Non-sustainability

Since we already brought up the topic of sustainability - single use panty liners are not very environmentally friendly. As the name suggests, they are ‘single-use’ which means one cannot reuse it. Moreover, they are made of non-biodegradable materials that add to the landfill and also contribute to soil pollution since the chemicals in them seep into the land, reducing its quality & fertility.

Go sustainable and healthy with reusable panty liners

4. Hassles of regular changing

If you are not changing your single use panty liners, you are inviting infection. However, if you are regularly changing it, then you are inviting hassle and of course, non-sustainability.

5. Its expensive

Changing your single-use panty liners frequently is an expensive affair. You cannot forgo the process either and it just ends up burning a hole in your pocket!

Reusable panty liners to the rescue!

Reusable panty liners are definitely an upgrade over single-use panty liners. Here’s why:

  1. They have a greater absorption capacity, thanks to the multiple cloth layers. 
  2. They are organic and do not have any chemicals added to them. 
  3. Since they are organic, they are far less likely to encourage bacterial infection. However, when the liner is left there for a long time, it might lead to irritations and inflammations.
  4. Can be reused multiple times - ensuring sustainability and economical efficiency.
  5. Since these are mostly made from cloth, these liners are not abrasive to the sensitive skin near the vagina. 
  6. Can be used for longer hours in comparison to single - use panty liners. However, they are still subject to change. 

Make the right choice

We understand that single-use panty liners are far more convenient when traveling and are tried & tested. However, in the long run, they are not very sustainable and can lead to depreciation in terms of money and health. 


Try reusable panty liners and see the difference for yourself!

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