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Article: 6 Ways to express love for your girl

6 Ways to express love for your girl

6 Ways to express love for your girl

Are you feeling like the spark in your relationship has faded? No worries, dear! Rekindling the flame of love is easier than you think. Here's a little secret: the key to a strong and lasting relationship is making your “significant other” feel valued and loved every day. 

So, let's set the mood and bring back the romance! Are you ready to show your love and put in the effort to make your relationship bloom brighter than ever? Here are five gestures to say I LOVE YOU without saying it.

 5 Gestures that say “I Love You”

So you love your girl deeply and want to make her feel special no matter what. But even after surfing through the internet for ideas you couldn’t find unique ones. Is that so? 

So here are some out-of-the-box ideas to shower love on your special someone. Here you go.


   1. Help her out with household chores

Your girl goes through a lot, physically and emotionally. That aside, she also has to deal with the constant stereotypical standards that expect women to be the sole caretaker of the family. Amidst all these emotional pressures, all she needs is a helping hand and a caring man to lend a shoulder whenever she needs it. So while you may have a feeling that expensive gifts and surprises are all your girl loves, try caring for her more and see the magic. 

But wait, showing off what you don’t feel deep down won’t work longer. Try genuinely understanding her concerns. For example, ask her if she needs your help. Cook a meal, do the dishes, and try to help her out.

If she is on her period, she may be a bit vulnerable psychologically. During this time, ease her stress by simply giving her a head massage, helping her clean the cabinet while she arranges the wardrobe, or getting her comfortable pads. If you are confused about which pads to buy, get your hands on Avni’s period care range to gently comfort your girl on her periods.

   2. Keep track of her dates

Small gestures like remembering minute details of your partner can help build a stronger bond that stands the test of time. Tracking her periods is one such gesture. A week before her periods, she may have mood swings or other symptoms like cramps

Tracking her periods would help you understand if she is troubled by her PMS or is genuinely concerned. You would know when to pamper her more and understand her. You can either use tracking software or apps to track her periods.

Special Tip: How about you pre-order her period care kit so she never falls short of her period necessities?

   3.  Recreate those good old memories!

How can your girl not go “aww” on seeing a scrapbook of your lovey-dovey pictures? To keep the flowers of your love blooming, refresh old memories. We suggest creating small videos and collages of frames to relive those nostalgic moments again. 

Or just make a well-edited short film or slideshow featuring you with your love.

Here’s how to further enhance the flavor of your love. Plan a special date night with the ideas we shared before. Imagine you and your girl vibing on your favorite songs. Ah, so romantic!

  4.  Plan a weekly hangout to nurture your relationship.

Don't let the spark in your relationship fade with time.  Instead, lock a date every week on your calendar to spend quality time with her. Amid the busy schedule, tell her what she means to you. It doesn't have to be lavish. Simple ideas like a lovely movie night, candle light dinner or a cute couple dance at home works like charm too. 

Remember, relationships are seeds that you sow together. The more you nurture it, the better it grows.

 5. Be expressive and transparent

The key to stronger and long-lasting relationships is transparency. Talk about your issues, your insecurities and your fears with her openly. Share what you like or dislike about each other. Trust us when we say it–stronger bonds are built with uncomfortable conversations. 

A life-saving tip here is to not blame or snap at each other but listen and understand how you can better tackle each other’s concerns.  Remember, perfect relationships are built with small efforts and gestures that remind each other how much they love each other. 

 6. Express yourself

Expression is the purest form of love. Let your girl know what you feel about her—no matter good or bad. Learn to communicate honestly and openly. Express your affection, and support, listen attentively to her, and care for her. 

Remember that every relationship is unique, and what works for a couple may not work for another. The right method is to express yourself in a way that feels both authentic and natural to you and your partner. By showing your affection, offering your support, and being attentive you can create a loving and  fulfilling relationship that tackles all the hurdles of life.

Comforting your girl on her periods

While you may feel that coercing your “shy” girl is all you need to get intimate, it's not the case on her periods. Be understanding and comforting with her no matter whether she is on her periods or not. Ask if she needs your help. Get her a hot compress, make chocolate milk, or get her a hydrating drink to help ease cramps.  

Below are 4 ways to gently comfort your girl on her tough days.

Comforting your girl on her periods
  1. Ask if she's fine: Well, no girl would deny that being asked about her wellbeing is the best feeling for them. And just showing genuine concern is all she needs. If you feel urged to tell her how every girl has to go through it and she should be strong, we suggest holding back.  

Instead, lay down with her, listening to what she feels and acknowledging the fact that she is genuinely in pain. After all, love is all about listening to the unsaid. 

     2. Get her favorite food: Ask her what food comforts her during her periods and get them in the fridge right before her periods start. 

    3. Get her moving: While it's a personal choice if she prefers an excess workout or a simpler one, take her on a walk or ask her to perform cramp-relief postures. These motions are true live saviors.

  4. Offer help: Ask her if there's anything you can do to help, such as picking     up groceries, making her tea, or running her a bath.

  5. Buy period essentials for her: There may be times when she falls short of period essentials. This could be troublesome  if she has an urgent meeting to attend or an unexpected family commitment. So it's important to have period essentials in stock ready for those painful days.  You can get your hands on Avni’s period essentials to give your girl a comfortable, leak-proof period.

Remember that every woman experiences their menstrual cycle differently, and what works for one person may not work for another. The most important thing is to be supportive, understanding, and respectful of your girlfriend's needs and feelings.

The final words

Expressing love for your girlfriend can take many forms, and it's essential to find the ones that work best for your relationship. From simple gestures of affection to thoughtful gifts and acts of service, showing your love and appreciation can strengthen your bond and make your relationship even more fulfilling. 

Whether it's holding her hand, making her a cup of tea, or remembering her dates,  these small acts of love can go a long way in making your girlfriend feel valued, cherished, and supported. So, go ahead and express your love in your unique way, and enjoy the many benefits of a happy, loving relationship.

If you are looking to express your true concern for your girl, take a glance at Avni's period essentials and get her the best gift ever.

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