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Article: Reusable Cloth Pads: Origin, Benefits, Usage & Care


Reusable Cloth Pads: Origin, Benefits, Usage & Care

Did you know that initially pads were made using wood pulp and bandages by nurses in France? They were absorbent and cheap enough to throw afterward. Commercial manufacturers, then, worked more on this idea and came up with the first disposable pad called 'The ‘Southball pad’.

Cloth Pad History

The disposable pads were available for purchase from early 1888.
Today, menstrual products are a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry with primetime ads, offering a wide range of products and brands to the women out there. Jayshree industries are known to be the first Indian organisation to invent the low-cost sanitary pad-making machine. This organization is owned by Arunachalam Muruganantham, popularly known as India’s Menstrual Man.

Initially, women used cloth as a supporting system for handling their periods, then they shifted to the basic plastic made pads for a very long time. But with time, now the pad industry has also evolved a lot as cloth pads became available to lessen the hassle.

Benefits of Reusable Sanitary Pads

A cloth pad or reusable menstrual pad can be used several times, you do not have to dispose them after every use. Thus, it acts as an investment to your menstrual budget.

Cloth pads are super soft and a gift for your skin as they are made up of a premium quality treated material. Avni’s Lush Pads  & Fluff Pads are made up of an antimicrobial cloth; soft cotton flannel on the outside, and absorbent cotton terrycloth on the inside, which is one of the best combinations available for both comfort and absorbency.

It’s hard to convince people to make a change in their daily life choices but thanks to the power of social media now, you can browse anything in just one go.

People’s product reviews help you to know about a new product very easily. Also, the comfort/quality of these new-age menstrual products is so satisfying that it led to the shift in women using sanitary napkins made of plastic to the cloth pads now.

Women nowadays are vocal about periods and period products. Trying something new and better is what we are open to. An increase has been witnessed in both the usage and acceptance of reusable menstrual products in the present times.

Also, you can choose from a wide range of cloth pads/menstrual cups. As a lot of high-end brands are also out there waiting to provide you a healthier and happy period with their Eco-friendly products which are in turn super skin-friendly.

Likewise, My Avni came up with the idea of a sustainable menstrual pattern some time back and introduced Eco-friendly menstrual products. At Avni, we believe in providing our customers, a happy and eco-friendly period. Avni’s Cloth pads are made with love and the idea of loving your body. In our product stock, we also have period kits for you in different sizes which can be customised as you may like. Now isn’t that another big reason to make a switch to these reusable period buddies?

Benefits of Reusable Sanitary Pads

Washing & Care Guide:

Cloth pads are easy to use and are hygienic as well.

The best way to keep them safe is to wash them after every use. Soak your cloth pad in warm water for 5 mins and wash them nicely using any mild cloth pad wash to use again and again and yet again!


Along with the ease of usage, another reason why women are preferring a cloth pad over plastic ones is that it reduces the risk of vaginal infections and UTIs.

Avni’s both cloth pads A.K.A Lush Pads & Fluff Pads are made up of well treated cloth with anti-microbial formula which has been tested with 99.9% efficiency to prevent vaginal infections. This cloth pads help your skin breathe. They are soft to the skin and ideal for anyone who bleeds!

So the next time you get your period, make the wiser choice and use a cloth pad.

Have a happy, safe, and green period!

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