Cloth Pad Wash - 100% plant based, bioenzyme formula, 100 ml

  • India's first 100% plant based liquid wash for your cloth pads, period panties and panty liners
  • Formulated to fight blood stains and odour of body fluids
  • Powered with bio enzymes for deep cleanse
  • Bleach, acid and caustic free
  • No toxic effluents
Rs. 249

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The best way to wash your cloth pad ....Highly recommended and so good it is . All the stains was removed and easy to use . need in bigger bottles.

We do not want any chemicals to remain on the fabric and cause harm later. Hence, we have specially formulated this for the tough and messy washing of period blood, without affecting the softness, absorbency and color of the fabric

pH balanced formula powered by:

1. Bio enzymes - Break down the protein structure of blood

2. Plant based surfactants - Loosen the hold of germs on surface for a deep cleanse

3. Green tea - mild, natural fragrance to make your period blood washing experience pleasant

Nothing else !

FREE of bleach, acids, caustic and phosphate.

Does not release any toxic effluents

1. Is Avni period wear wash safe for the skin?

Yes, the wash is made of 100% natural ingredients.

2. How much liquid is needed for each wash?

You will need close to 5-10 ml (one to two teaspoons) for each wash

3. I use cloth pad of another brand. Will this work with that too?

Yes, it will work. Just pour a little more liquid on the stained area of the pad and soak it for longer (2-3 hours). Then wash it. For very old stains, you will need 2-3 washes till they fully go away.

4. How much liquid is there in the bottle?

The bottle has 100 ml of liquid

5. Is the liquid eco-friendly?

Yes 100%. It does not release any toxic effluents

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