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Article: Tips for Flawless Intimate Hygiene While Travelling

Tips for Flawless Intimate Hygiene While Travelling
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Tips for Flawless Intimate Hygiene While Travelling

Imagine making travel plans for the upcoming. You are looking forward to swimming in the ocean or hiking up the beautiful mountains. You have your travel gear and clothes ready, and have checked off every item of your list. 

However, if you are a woman, intimate hygiene requires you to go through your list a couple more times, ensuring convenience and safety. While it is not as easy to stay clean ‘down there’ when you are hiking through the jungle, there are few things that can simplify the process. 

Here are some of our tips for intimate hygiene when you are no longer in the comforts of your home. 

Tips for Flawless Intimate Hygiene While Travelling

Keep a Sanitary Kit Handy

Fortune favours the prepared. This is why our top suggestion to maintain your intimate hygiene is to keep a sanitary kit within reach. 

Equip your kit with gentle cleansers, natural wipes, period products like cups and organic sanitary pads and a sanitiser. Having a sanitary kit on the go makes intimate hygiene so much easier, especially when you are short on time.

You can also add a couple of ziploc bags, sanitary toilet sprays, and cotton pads - a little old school stuff that goes a long way in case of any minor accidents or spills.

Stock Up On Your Underwear

Whether you are travelling to cold places or hitting the humid beaches, there are chances of fungal infection in your privates. This is because, unlike while at home, you are constantly on the move. Therefore, intimate hygiene 101 mandates you to bring extra, extra sets of underwear so that you can change as often as you can. 

Dirty and wet underwears are detrimental to your vaginal health and of course, can lead to irritation, rashes and severe discomfort. This will not only affect your health but also impact your trip. 

Having extra sets also protects you in case you get wet in the rain or during a trip near a water body. You are saved from catching a cold or worse, a bacterial infection. 

Tip: Roll 2-3 underwears in each pair of pants or jeans that you take along for the trip. This will help save space and allow you to carry extra sets as well. 

Carry Hot Water

Always carry some hot water in a flask while travelling since it is a great way to eliminate pathogens. This also works great if you are constantly on the move or might find it difficult to come across water. 

Hot or warm water is great for washing cuts and scrapes. If needed, it is also great for wiping down your private regions, especially if you are menstruating during your travel.

An easy way to conserve water without negating hygiene is to soak a corner of the wipe and use it to clean your nether regions. This soothes the region as well as kills bacteria causing germs that may eventually lead to infection. 

Carry Plant Based or Natural Cleansers and Intimate Wipes

Sometimes water is hard to come by but you cannot ignore personal and intimate hygiene. Thankfully, you can maintain it without water using waterless washes and intimate wipes. 

For a deep clean feeling, you can also go for foam based intimate cleaners which do not require water. This makes up for a squeaky clean feeling so that you are hygienic and free from bacteria.

Travelling soon? Check out Avni’s Biodegradable Intimate Wipes 

Do Not Share Your Sanitary Products

If you are travelling with your friends, there are chances you might feel like sharing things for convenience. Some of the most common products shared among friends are towels, which might seem like a friendly gesture, but are not hygienic. 

Different people have different conditions and sharing towels and other sanitary products  can lead to infections and inflammations. Towels carry germs and and sharing these can render users susceptible to diseases and other ailments. 

Paper towels and organic one-time wipes work best in such situations. 

Stay Hydrated

While on a trip, it is easy to forget hydration which may lead to infections. While drinking lots of water may seem inconvenient, making toilet stops along the way, peeing is better than developing UTIs and other issues. 

Try sticking to water instead of fizzy and sugary drinks which dehydrate instead of amping up your body’s water content. 

With these tips, you can make sure that you remain safe & hygienic, and ensure that your trip remains fun, just the way you planned!

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