Antibacterial Soothing Intimate Wipes - pH balanced, water based, 32 wipes

  • Freshen up during periods, pre-post sexual activity or post urination.
  • Enriched with soothing effects of aloe vera, vitamin E and antibacterial effect of Tea Tree extracts.
  • Each pack is cute, compact and travel friendly. Just slip in your purse or pocket and you are all set
  • Alcohol free, paraben free,sulfate free
Rs. 235

This gynaecologist approved, hypoallergenic formula is made of

Lactic acid for pH balancing

Tea Tree Oil for antibacterial effect

Aloe vera extracts, Vitamin E for soothing effect

pH balanced at 3.5


1. How many wipes in one pack?

There are 8 wipes in one pack. We sell 4 such packs so you get 32 wipes in 4 travel friendly pouches.

2. Are these safe to use in intimate areas?

Yes, Avni intimate wipes are pH balanced at 3.5 which is the pH of vaginal area. So they will help you feel fresh and clean with mild cleansing and antibacterial properties.

3. Where can I use them?

     - During periods while changing pads or cup

     - Pre & post intimate activity

     - After Urination

     - Anytime you feel like

4.Are these wipes biodegradable?

Yes these are 100% biodegradable

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