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Detergents- FAQs

1. Is Avni Plant Based Liquid Detergent safe for the skin?

Yes, the wash is made of 100% natural ingredients.

2. How much liquid is needed for each wash?

You will need close to 5-10 ml (one to two teaspoons) for each wash

3. I use cloth pad of another brand. Will this work with that too?

Yes, it will work. Just pour a little more liquid on the stained area of the pad and soak it for longer (2-3 hours). Then wash it. For very old stains, you will need 2-3 washes till they fully go away.

4. How much liquid is there in the bottle?

The bottle has 100 ml of liquid

5. Is the liquid eco-friendly?

Yes 100%. It does not release any toxic effluents