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Who we are?

A team of women and men - passionate menstruators, doctors and health care researchers dedicated towards detoxifying your Intimate Health.

What do we offer?

Quality, Tested, Innovative products

All products are laboratory tested for biocompatibility, antimicrobial effect and toxic effluents.

Body inclusive range of products

We take pride in the fact that we are India’s first and only brand to have a range of 7 sizes.

Empowering Women towards Financial Independence

Each Cloth pad you buy is handcrafted by our women ninjas. Women microentrepreneurs from rural and urban India are an integral part of our sales channel.

Keeping Girls in Schools 

In collaboration with our CSR partners we take quality menstrual products to the remotest villages of India so that no girl has to suffer anymore.

We use the best ingredients that are zero waste and ethically sourced !

When we say best, we mean best for you and the planet. We go to great lengths to ensure all of our ingredients are organic and all of our products are non-toxic. All of our packaging is minimal and eco-friendly. So feel free to pamper yourself.

Our products are proudly Made in India !

We believe that true empowerment comes when you trust local ingredients and local skills.

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