Date: Saturday, June 25th, 2022

Time: 4PM - 6PM

Registration Fee: INR 99/- (80% discount)

First Period Talk

This independence day, celebrate the zero waste way!

With so many festivals being celebrated every year, this often leads to heaps of pollution, but did you know that India has a rich history of zero-waste traditions? From steel tiffins to natural dyes made from amazing, local ingredients like turmeric, there is a lot to learn from our past. Join us for an independence day special workshop to not only learn about this rich history but also ways we can engage our community today. We will also talk about zero-waste celebrations so that you can tackle your waste footprint at festivals and events..

Let’s all work towards creating a cleaner, greener and better India!

This webinar includes:

  • Information on the garbage crisis and India’s waste warriors
  • India’s Zero Waste traditions
  • Realistic solutions to engage our communities
  • Zero-waste celebration tips
  • Easy, practical DIYs to help us make celebrations waste free
  • Q & A session!
  • Special Bare Necessities discount code for all attendees