Menstrual cup wash - 100% plant based, fragrance free with antibacterial wipe cloth, 100 ml

  • India's first 100% plant-based liquid wash for menstrual cups
  • Fragrance free
  • Designed to deep clean blood stains
  • Silicone safe, skin safe and eco safe
Rs. 249

Toxin free cleaning

It contains plant based surfactants, nothing else.

We have specially formulated the wash to fight tough blood stains while being gentle on your hands. It gives a deep clean effect without affecting the color and softness of the cup.

Toxin free wiping

You get an antibacterial wipe cloth free.

Rapidly absorbs all moisture off the cup.

Use it to wipe after washing or sterilizing the cup.

Use to wipe the cup while travelling if you do not have access to water.

1. Is Avni menstrual cup wash safe for the skin?

Yes, the wash is made of 100% natural ingredients.

2. How much liquid is needed for each wash?

You will need close to 8 -10 drops for each wash

3. I use menstrual cup of another brand. Will this work with that too? 

Yes, it will work. Follow the same wash care instructions

4. How much liquid is there in the bottle?

The bottle has 100 ml of liquid

5. Is the liquid eco-friendly?

Yes 100%. It does not release any toxic effluents

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