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Article: 5 Must Add Products to Your Eco-Friendly Travel Period Kit Comprise for Summer

5 Must Add Products to Your Eco-Friendly Travel Period Kit Comprise for Summer
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5 Must Add Products to Your Eco-Friendly Travel Period Kit Comprise for Summer

The summer is on and so is the mood for travelling. Although finding new roads sounds fun, the efforts that need to be put in for packing might make you reconsider your travel plans if it weren't for some reliable suggestions and helping hands. While there are heaps of suggestions that would help you with some conventional packing tips out there on the internet, this blog will address the road less taken as we will be suggesting some of the important eco-friendly products that your travel period kit must comprise. 

    Periods are painful and the mere thought of encountering them while travelling itself can give you those infamous cramps. However, switching your travel plans only because you anticipate them is the most absurd thing you can do. Rather you can be prepared and worry-free if you have the perfect travel kit that can serve you in any kind of a situation.

    Moreover, travelling shouldn't be an excuse to compromise on your personal hygiene and more importantly the environment as well. Menstrual care products are generally laden with plastic components that can choke the planet. Conventional products like disposable sanitary napkins and its popular alternative especially in the west- tampons are not good for the environment owing to their non-degradable and toxic constituents


    Now, if you are wondering how you can have an eco-friendly period while travelling, then here is the list of 5 important products devised for you:

    1. Menstrual Cup:  A reliable alternative to sanitary pads and tampons, menstrual cups are gradually gaining popularity as they are reusable and convenient to use. Furthermore, unlike single-use sanitary pads and tampons that are advised to be changed every 4-5 hours, menstrual cups need to be removed and rinsed only once in 8 hours and can even last up to five years if maintained properly.
      These flexible silicone cups hence allow you to enjoy your travel by ensuring a leak-free period. Although a menstrual cup can cost four times the pack of tampons and pads, in the longer run, menstrual cups are a lot more wallet-friendly thanks to their amazing reusability.
    2. Cloth Panty Liners: While panty liners have been around for quite some time, their inclusion in the menstrual pack is relatively new - more so, cloth panty liners. Cloth panty liners are just like cloth pads that serve a dual purpose. These are just like any other cloth pads but thinner, devoid of plastic which can absorb discharges and light flows without any problem.Summers can be especially rough on your privates which may lead to infections and discharges. Go for Avni’s cloth panty liners to stay dry and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Store them easily with their clasps and cloth bags to be sustainable and efficient at the same time.
    3. Eco-friendly Toilet Seat Covers: When you are on your periods, you tend to use the washrooms a bit often. However, getting access to hygienic restrooms isn't something you should expect while travelling. Hence packing a set of toilet seat covers always comes in handy and by going for biodegradable paper-based products, you can be assured of your personal hygiene and the planet’s health at the same time.
    4. Biodegradable Wet Wipes: Another must-have component of any travel kit is wet wipes which make your journey comfortable and refreshing. Opt only for biodegradable wipes and try avoiding the scented ones.
    5. Intimate wash:Travelling can be hectic and escaping the hassles of a city and making it out of the crowd can be really sweaty and exhausting. Taking personal care of intimate body parts becomes important like never before since rashes and infections are the add-ons to an already discomforting sweaty part. By using organic intimate foaming wash, these infections can be prevented as pH levels of the skin can be maintained and helps you continue with your journey with a sense of comfort. 

     The above is a list of must-have products that ensures you a smooth and effortless eco-friendly journey. Going for organic biodegradable menstrual care products is very essential as the delicate and intimate parts of your body are exposed to toxic ingredients that the disposable and non-degradable products are made of.

    A few simple tweaks in your packing regime and you can make sure that heat, pollution and infection do not ruin your much-deserved vacation. Try to carry a handy eco-friendly disposable bag as well to make intimate hygiene even more convenient.

    Stay healthy!

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