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Article: How Panty Liners can Combat Vaginal Infection

How Panty Liners can Combat Vaginal Infection

How Panty Liners can Combat Vaginal Infection

Imagine this: you’re watching a movie, when you catch your friend squirming in her seat, pressing ‘pause’ every time she needs to use the bathroom. What’s more? You see her go into her cupboard to take a fresh piece of clothing each time before she steps inside the loo. You know she’s not on her menstrual cycle, because you know when it is - given the mood changes, the food cravings, and the monthly day off - you know the signs. 

However, such reasons are not always periods. It may be vaginal discharge that might be an indicator of vaginal infection

Vaginal discharge  fluid or mucus which ensures the vagina is kept clean, moist and protected from infection. This fluid, however, can be a matter of concern when it flows out in excess and stains the panty, especially right before the menstrual cycle. 

Vaginal discharge can be due to many reasons - summers, dehydration, sweat due to excessive activity, poor menstrual hygiene, or a medical reason. However, vaginal discharge is not a good thing, especially when it can lead to vaginal infections which may cause fever, physical stress and even something more serious. 

While it is always recommended to consult a doctor, making a few tweaks in one’s daily routine can be very helpful. This can include cleaning the private region regularly, drinking a lot of water and the best of all - using a cloth panty liner. 

Role of Panty Liners in Combating Vaginal Infection


Panty liners come with a silver lining. For one, they help ensure that women are safe from vaginal infections or stains. While most panty liners available in shops are dermatologically tested and safe to use, you can also use eco-friendly panty liners - just to stay extra protected from rashes or discomfort, if any.

You may have heard that panty liners do cause infection - but we’re here to tell you that it’s just a myth. Liners come with the advantage of keeping you clean, fresh and hygienic at all times.

Here’s why you need to wear it on a regular:

Freshness: Like we said, panty liners are known for its innate ability to keep you fresh down there at all times. So you know the feeling you get after you’ve had a shower? With panty liners, it's just that, while keeping you safe from an infection.

Keeps you dry: While your vagina’s lubricants just means it’s normal, it can also become a haven for pimples, and harmful bacteria which can cause infections. With panty liners, you can be rest assured that your lady parts would be safe from unwelcome guests such as these.

Saves your favourite panty from excessive washing: If you are someone who has lost a good panty or two to excessive washing of a stain, join the club, - but invest in a panty liner. These protect your panty, your vagina, and offer comfort, all in one.

Absorbs sweat: If you’re someone who’s alway on the go, or working a field job, or physically active, panty liners are most definitely your saving grace. Like we said, it keeps you fresh, but panty liners have absorbent qualities which could help if you’re someone who sweats easy.

Best used before and after your menstrual cycle: Vaginal discharge is common before and after a menstrual cycle. But this can be uncomfortable to many, especially because it leaves a stain. Panty liners help ensure that your comfort isn’t hindered, and also doesn’t dry your vagina causing an imbalance to its natural pH levels.



An imbalance  could also lead to an infection. 

However, if you’re still wondering if it’s possible to contract an infection, the answer is yes. While panty liners help combat infection, it takes more than this thin strip to ensure ultimate protection.

Here are a few tips and tricks:

Let’s skip that good-looking (yet tight) underwear

Yes, wearing good underwear, makes you feel good and confident on the outside - be it a boxer, thong or that really expensive bikini panty you love. But, is it all worth your comfort? Tight panties may look like the ideal ones to wear for shape, but it’s a big ‘no’ to use when wearing it along with a panty liner. Why? Tight underwear can trap moisture and can take a toll on your pH levels.

Don’t stay drenched in your clothes for too long

Took a swim? Played in the rain? Or went to the beach? Whichever you do, make sure to get into warm, dry and cosy clothes right after. Staying in wet fabric with panty liners is asking for trouble - it’s home for yeast infection.

Vaginal wash? Think twice

While you love smelling fresh all the time, your vagina may not be so appreciative about using perfumed vaginal washes. For one, it could dry your vagina off its natural lubricants which protect it. If you still can’t do without it, opt for an unscented wash.

Keep it clean

Technically ladies, this should be number one on your list. Keeping it clean is the ideal way to be careful. For one, every time you wash your intimate areas, pat it dry with a tissue, to prevent moisture from forming. A wet panty liner made of cloth can cause trouble, if not maintained with proper care. Next, after washing your reusable panty liner, dry it out completely, and store it in a safe space until ready for use - the more sterilised, the better.

Change regularly

Like your menstrual pad, panty liners need to be changed every 6 to 8 hours as well. If you plan on wearing it overnight, set an alarm to wake up and change, because no one wants to wake up to an infection, right?



Final Takeaway

Vaginal infection is no joke as it can lead to physical and mental distress. An easy effective way to keep infection at bay is to use panty liners that can help keep your privates dry and healthy. 

Panty liners are your best friends when it comes to healthy intimate hygiene in a simple and non-cumbersive way. Not to mention, cloth panty liners are natural and sustainable that allow you to take charge of your health in an eco-friendly manner.

Looking for a cloth panty liner for yourself? Avni’s anti-bacterial and fuss-free cloth panty liners can be a great addition to your hygiene kit. 

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