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Article: 5 reasons why you need a plant-based liquid wash for your intimate wear?

5 reasons why you need a plant-based liquid wash for your intimate wear?

5 reasons why you need a plant-based liquid wash for your intimate wear?

Removing stains from your clothes can be daunting—but do you know what’s more? Using the same detergent soaps to wash your underwear or the pantyliners that you use for other body garments. Surprised?

Until now you might have relied on detergents with strong chemicals to clean your intimate wear. However, these detergents are the so-called stain-removing formulations in the market that do more harm to your panties than good. Not only are they bad for your underwear, but they are known to be the root cause of skin disorders like psoriasis. 

But we are not just concerned about the harsh chemicals in the soaps, there are various reasons why you should avoid using them for your intimate wear. Let's dive deeper into them.

Here are some reasons why you shouldn't use normal detergent to wash your intimate wear

Renders the delicate fabric damaged 

Have you ever noticed your fabric quality deteriorating with each wash? That's your harsh detergent ruining the delicate fabric of your underwear. This could be due to some amount of detergent that sneaked into the tiny pores of your fabric while you were sluggish enough to not rinse it off with water properly. 

Now that your fabric has these imposters hidden, your fabric gets more prone to damage. 

Causes itchiness in your delicate regions especially the vulva

Yes, while you might prefer washing your undergarments the same way you cleanse your other laundry garments, you shouldn't be doing that for a healthy intimate area. Wondering why?

Laundry detergents usually contain harsh chemicals and fragrances that can be the culprit behind itchiness down there. Choose a natural, chemical-free liquid softener for every garment that comes in close contact with your internal parts. Hence, it is best to use scent-free detergents like Avni’s liquid period-wear wash.

They are loaded with harsh chemicals

While you might not be directly exposing that skin to harsh chemicals, there are chances that your detergents might have them in considerable quantity. For instance, a chemical called Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS) is the one that gives detergents the foam that they are famous for. The chemical is crucial for removing filth from your clothes. 

However, no matter how crucial this chemical might be for intensifying the dirt-removing action of soaps, it just isn't suitable for your private parts. Here's why.

It causes irritation and itchiness in the skin down there. Further, if your skin is allergy prone or has a skin condition, it can worsen upon coming in contact with nasty chemicals.

Higher Concentrations of bleach just aren’t suitable for your delicate skin

While bleach might be the superhero when it comes to cleansing tough stains and brightening clothes, it is not so friendly for your delicate parts. Bleach, scientifically called Sodium Hypochlorite can damage the skin and irritate your skin to cause allergic reactions. So you now know why its high concentrations can be harsher than you think it is. 

Your intimate wear needs Avni’s liquid period-wear wash

Your intimate wear needs Avni’s liquid period-wear wash 

With the market being already dominated by detergents containing harsh formulations, Avni has taken an effort here to make plant-based, 100% natural liquid wash for your intimate wear. It rinses your intimate wear and period wear effectively. As for its effectiveness — trust us when we say that Avni will make your intimate wear as fresh as a daisy.

If you'd like to learn more, you can visit our website. 

But why have a separate liquid for washing your undergarments? Let's discuss some of the awesome benefits of using plant-based chemical-free liquid wash for your intimate and period wear.

5 benefits of using plant-based intimate wear for your delicate area

1. Gentle on your fabric

Your intimate wear needs special care and with an natural plant-based liquid to your aid, you can easily remove tough stains from your period panty. While you might need double the amount of conventional detergent to get rid of stains, with liquid detergents this is no longer the case. With a suitable amount of liquid detergent at optimum temperature, liquid detergent can easily help dissolve tough stains with less water and foam. Say no to chemical-loaded scented fabric detergents and embrace Avni’s purely plant-based, odor control Liquid wash for your period & everyday wear.

2. No harsh chemicals—especially bleach!

We at Avni believe in making cruelty-free, harsh chemical-free products. Check out our 100% natural products here. Unlike other solid detergents, this liquid detergent is free from bleach, acids, and caustic. Since these chemicals rip your clothes off their natural colors, choosing over conventional detergents liquid detergent over solid detergents will make your washing kinder on clothes but harsh on grease and filth.

3. Removes toxic body fluids

There's a reason you shouldn't mix your undergarments with your other garments like t-shirts, sweatshirts, pajamas, etc. Your intimate wear has various types of wastes like white discharge, sweat, spotting, menstrual blood, or even contain your poop. Now let's say to mix them with all your laundry without washing. 

Chances are, the bacteria from your undergarments might spread to other garments making you prone to bacterial infections and various skin disorders. 

It is, therefore, a good idea to not wash them along with other clothes and wash them separately instead. However, your regular detergent might get harsher on them. To easily remove stains and also be gentler on your intimate wear, the best option is a gentle, plant-based liquid cleansing detergent.

4. Say goodbye to annoying period stains

This is where a natural plant-based, liquid period-wear wash like that of Avni’s jumps into the picture. Our eco-friendly wash with bio enzymes and plant-based surfactants gently removes the stains and preserves your fabric’s natural color. Check out our website to grab Avni’s liquid period wear wash today.

And this one does have a natural green-tree fragrance & doesn't have any chemicals for a strong fragrance.

5. Deeply cleanse period panty and reusable pads

Now, period panties and reusable pads need to be cleansed thoroughly as you don't dispose of them after every use.

When it comes to maintaining period hygiene, deeply sanitizing your period wear is crucial. For that purpose, you can wash them separately in Avni’s period wear-friendly liquid wash to completely wash off stains and kill bacteria before they make troops attack you the next time you wear them.

5 benefits of using plant-based intimate wear for your delicate area

The final take

No matter how busy you get with your work life, never forget your intimate hygiene. The area down there is delicate and should be taken immense care of—for a healthy and happy vagina. 

While we don't deny the active cleansing powers of solid detergents, using them for your intimate wear can be a bad idea considering the hygiene of your intimate region. We recommend replacing your detergent soaps with Avni’s plant-based, super-effective liquid intimate wear wash for your intimate wear and period wear. 

Our products don't get harsh on your genitals—for we made this product with no toxic effluents. Let's not forget our intimate hygiene and put it above everything.

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