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Article: A Complete Guide to Avni's Intimate Wear Wash

A Complete Guide to Avni's Intimate Wear Wash
Intimate Wear Wash

A Complete Guide to Avni's Intimate Wear Wash

Shampoos, soaps, and even laundry detergents…what all you might not have used to wash your intimate wear. But that's not the only problem.

The itchiness around the vaginal area or on the gluteal folds after wearing freshly washed undergarments? You are not alone!

It is likely that you used these detergents due to the convenience and the fact that you didn't know the risks of using chemically infused detergents.

My Avni 100% plant-based intimate wear wash was created for this very reason. The purpose of this blog is to provide you with a full guide on Avni's Intimate Wear Wash — and how we believe it will become a best friend to your intimate wear.

Meet Avni's Natural Intimate Wear Wash: A Close Review

Avni's natural intimate wear wash is 100% chemical-free—it's made especially for cloth pads, reusable panty liners, period panties, and daily undergarments.

It is packaged in an easy-to-use bottle with a small nozzle that dispenses only the right amount of product. The thin consistency of the liquid wash allows the formula to seep into the cloth effectively.

The product has a mild  natural green tea fragrance and is free of any harmful toxins, bleach, phosphates, or caustic. Since it is free from all the nasty ingredients — you can use it as often as you like without worrying about any side effects. And you need just 15-20 drops to remove insane period stains effectively (a little goes a long way!). :D

The best part about this intimate wear wash is that it works on all types of fabrics including, polyester, and nylon. 

Moreover, the liquid wash is designed to be a more environment-friendly alternative to traditional options. The surfactant used in our wash is a patent formula that's been extracted from plant sources only—it's the first-of-its-kind natural powerful cleanser and stain remover. Still, it's gentle enough to be applied repeatedly without damaging your intimate wear. Plus, the surfactant is even dermatologically recommended

Thus, a major benefit of this product is that it is an eco-conscious option for cleaning your period stains and you can use it without causing irritation or harm to you or the environment.

Lastly, it's made in India so you're supporting local economies when you purchase this product!

Avni's Plant-Based Intimate Wash Vs Chemical Intensive Washes

It is important to us that you make the best choice for yourself. We have therefore developed a table that offers a transparent comparison between powder detergent, liquid detergent, and our plant-based intimate wear wash.

Avni's Plant-Based Intimate Wash Vs Chemical Intensive Washes

The Best Avni Intimate Wear Wash Deal for You

If you are in a hurry or have limited time — this brief is an overview of the three best offers on Avni intimate wear wash.

The Best Avni Intimate Wear Wash Deal for You


Best overall: Considering quantity, our 200 ml for Rs.449 plant-based intimate wear wash bottle is the best option — since it provides enough wash for a month.
Best budget: There is a cute 100 ml bottle available for Rs. 249 that is perfect for trying out the liquid intimate wear wash before committing to a bigger bottle.
Travel-friendly package: If you're on your period and traveling — this hand-stitched tote bag with 12 Natural Cotton Pads with disposable bags, 2 cotton-based pants liners, 100 ml period intimate wear wash, and 2 pouches of intimate wipes can provide a great deal of convenience.

Avni intimate wear wash: how to use it? 

Washing intimate wear is an important chore and you might be searching for the right way to do it. This section shares the appropriate method to wash intimate wear with Avni’s intimate wear wash.

1. Pour 5-6 ml on the spot and rub gently (use more liquid if the stain is spread out)

  1. Soak in very less water for 15-30 mins
  2. Rub with hands thoroughly still the stain fades or all blood is drawn out
  3. Rinse clean with water
  4. Complete the washing process or toss it in the washing machine for a long wash
  5. Dry outdoors/ventilated indoors

NOTE: Antiseptic liquids should not be used as they can inhibit fabric absorbency and deposit the chemicals used on the surface which can cause skin irritation.

Following these tips will keep your delicates in good condition and always fresh and clean. 

This should get you most of the way to washing your period wear. If you're still having trouble — have a  look up at this demo video to make things much clearer!

Avni intimate wear wash: how to use it?

Why Use Avni's Natural Period Wash

Let us take a deeper look into this product and some potential pros & cons before you take the plunge and buy one for yourself.



Natural product that is safe for your body and good for the environment

It is dermatologically tested

Effectively removes period stains

Leaves a pleasant green tea scent and is safe to use

Avni's Natural Intimate Wear Wash: Customer’s  Review

“A product is worth purchasing when customers leave favorable reviews.  Below are some of the feedback that our buyers left for Avni’s Natural Intimate Wear wash since its launch.”

Where to buy Avni’s Natural Intimate Wear wash?

You're probably wondering where to buy the product you've been hearing so much about. Avni's intimate wash is available on our own website, or you can purchase it easily through Amazon or Flipkart, OneGreen, Smytten, and many more.

The product comes in two qualities — a 100 ml bottle and a 200 ml bottle.

 If you need more information and assistance of any type, please don't hesitate to call our 24*7 available toll-free number at +91 99304 46364. 

Shower your intimate wear with love and get yours Avni Intimate Wear Wash today here.

The Must-Have Natural Intimate Wear Wash 

The secret of Avni's intimate & period wear wash is its ability to cleanse and disinfect without using any chemicals. It's developed to the highest quality standard using plant-derived biodegradable surfactants. The formula lifts away odor-causing bacteria and flushes them right out of your intimate & period wear. 

 This wash is both environment-safe and cruelty-free. It contains no toxic effluents and none of the harsh chemicals found in other detergents

 The wash is also dermatologically recommended. Avni uses only nourishing certified ingredients to keep you clean—and comfortable—with every use. Click here to try it out today.

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