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Article: Are Reusable Cloth Period Pads Unhygienic?

Are Reusable Cloth Period Pads Unhygienic?

Are Reusable Cloth Period Pads Unhygienic?

There's a lot of controversy surrounding reusable cloth pads. Some people feel it's healthier, safer, and more durable than disposable pads or tampons. However, some believe reusable pads aren't hygienic and can be unsanitary. 

Let's look at both sides of the story and find a suitable answer to the question: Are Reusable Cloth Period Pads Unhygienic? It will help you see whether you should use reusable cloth pads – or just stick with disposables.

Old cloth pads versus Modern reusable cloth pads

Choosing reusable cloth pads can be daunting especially if you have been using disposable sanitary pads for a long time. 

You might imagine reusable cloth pads as old-fashioned nappy (pads). And the idea of using these cloth pads might scare you a lot — as you’re petrified about possible leakage problems and keeping the pad clean and free of stains. 

But the truth is that modern reusable cloth pads have come a long way since grandma's days. For this reason, we've made a chart that compares the features of old reusable pads with modern technology pads.

Now you see how there is a vast difference between old cloth pads and modern technology-devised reusable cloth pads. 

Today's reusable cloth pads are different from the old cloth pads you remember from your childhood. Modern technology has improved the design of reusable sanitary pads and made them more absorbent and comfortable than ever before.

How Reusable Cloth Period Pads are Hygienic?

Let's put aside cloth menstrual pads for a moment and think about this... there are vaginal secretions that still come out on days when you're not menstruating.

But those undergarments are still in constant use. You wash them thoroughly and then dry them either in sunlight or indoors under well-ventilated conditions. And they're ready for use every day!

So is it hygienic or unhygienic? 

An unhygienic piece of cloth is only which was not made properly or sourced responsibly — or it was not handled according to its usage instructions. Other reasons include not washing it carefully, thoroughly, and frequently enough; not drying it appropriately, or lastly not storing it correctly. 

So when we talk about modern technology devised reusable cloth pads: it is just not a piece of any cloth that is coming from somewhere you don't know about. 

It is an extremely modern and intelligently designed product that is as effective or rather more than any other sanitary pad. And it is designed in a way that it performs all the functions that you expect out of a sanitary pad while maintaining your hygiene. 

Do modern reusable pads cause infections?

The quick answer is a NO. 

Let’s take the example of Avni’s lush reusable sanitary pad. It has an embedded antimicrobial technology. 

Antimicrobial technology means that it is made to prevent you from a prospective vaginal infection. How does it do that? The pad is tested in an international laboratory for four common pathogens which have been observed by gynecologists worldwide in several vaginal infection cases. 

Thus, all Avni’s reusable pads are treated to protect you against any vaginal infection. So you don't have to worry about infections again while using our reusable cloth pads. 

Do reusable sanitary pads smell?

The next most common doubt you might have is if these reusable pads stink and we know that you certainly don't want to carry a stinky pad in a purse or even use it the next time. But the truth is that disposal pads made your mind register the familiar menstrual foul smell. 

Traditional disposable pads contain a ton of chemicals. So, it is natural to experience a strange smell over disposable pads when the menstrual blood comes in contact with these chemicals. 

But that's not the case with reusable cloth pads as these pads don't have any chemicals at all. Over and above — the top and bottom  layer of reusable cloth pads is usually a breathable fabric that allows air to be circulated through the pad preventing any bad smell.

It might be hard for us to convince you at this point because you won't believe this until you'll try a reusable sanitary pad yourself. Avni’s lush pad is the best seller amongst first-time reusable cloth pad users and you can try it.

The crux is: you don't have to deal with any stinky smell business while using a reusable sanitary pad.

Reusable sanitary pads: Are they difficult to clean?

Okay! But how do you wash these blood-stained sanitary pads that might seem gross? 

You can either machine-wash or hand-wash reusable cloth pads.



Below are the steps to wash your cloth pads:

  • Soak your sanitary pad in tap or cold water with a safe natural mild liquid detergent for about 15 mins.  
  • Gently rub the two ends of the cloth pad against each other to bring out all the menstrual fluids. Wash it 3-4 times underwater in a tub or in the washing machine and dry it in the sun or in a well-ventilated space. And you're done!!

Lastly, we would recommend purchasing mild lingerie detergent like Avni's Natural Intimate & Period Wear Wash  to not get your reusable pads crumbled in just a few uses due to harsh chemicals in conventional detergents

Reusable Pads: How Often to Change Them?

The absorbency of the cloth pad and how heavy is your flow are two main deciding factors of how often you should change a reusable cloth pad.

However, gynecologists and other experts recommend changing a reusable cloth pad every 4-6 hours. 

Busting The Myth: Are Reusable Sanitary Pads Unhygienic?

The idea of using a reusable cloth pad generally scares a lot of women. They are scared about possible leakage problems and keeping the pad clean and free of stains. But modern technology-driven reusable sanitary pads like Avni’s reusable cloth pads are as comfortable and hygienic as they can get. They are designed for the new era!

And with our landfills getting dumped daily with plastic-infused disposable pads — it is imperative to go beyond the myths of using cloth pads and understanding the importance of using these reusable cloth pads for sustainability and sanitation.

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