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First Green Period Gift Set with Tote Bag

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The most precious gift box you can give your little girl (who is growing up too soon).

Packed in a cute cotton tote bag, this bag will stay with her for a long long time.

What does it contain ?

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You buy, We donate sanitary pads to underprivileged women

Breaking The Cloth Pad Taboo

Thinnest, lightest cloth pad

Just Wrap and Snap. So thin, it just feels like another layer. Now no more bulky folded clothes.

The modern 100% hygienic cloth pad

A reusable pad that protects you from vaginal infections. We guarantee. It is laboratory tested and clinically certified.

Absorbs even the heaviest of flow. No leaks

High performance technical fabrics to absorb and hold for 7 hours without leaks. Outdoors? Just fold the pad and store in the cloth pouch. No mess

Easy to wash, Fast to dry, No stains, No odour

Just soak in water for 10 mins with Avni Cloth Pad wash - Rub with hands - Rinse - Hang to dry. Washing machine friendly.No antiseptic, No hot water needed.

Available in 5 sizes

There is one for every age, every flow and body type. Choose one that suits you

Saves money and the environment

Each pad saves at least INR 5000/- and 500 pads from being disposed off

Why chose Avni Lush Pad?

Your Every Purchase Empowers Women

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