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Article: 7 Period Mistakes You Commit Every Cycle

7 Period Mistakes You Commit Every Cycle

7 Period Mistakes You Commit Every Cycle

As the period cycle approaches, your body gets ready to follow the flow. Cramps, moods, pain, period, repeat. It's normal and natural, nothing extraordinary. Is it possible to alter the cycle symptoms? generally no. But have you ever wondered about the possibility of reducing these symptoms' effects on your body? The answer is affirmative. 

Your daily life choices directly affect your period cycle. Unhealthy eating, unhygienic sanitary practices, little to no rest, dependency on medication or too much caffeine, everything matters. Every menstruator experiences periods differently. If not ease the pain or hold moods, you can certainly take care of your physical self by yourself. 

What goes a long way is understanding the mistakes that you commit during the menstrual cycle. It's time to bring under the lens factors that affect the menstrual cycle, the influence of which can either make it a smooth journey or an unbearable menstruation. 


Inadequate Sleep & Stress 

Tossing and turning in nights is common during periods. Credits to cramping, menstrual insomnia and restlessness, resting through becomes a struggling affair. However, it is necessary to take a break and relax. Take at least 8 hours of rested sleep. Not only will adequate sleep help the body to de-stress but also help it repair and ease down period symptoms.

Juggling between work and other duties is one cumbersome task, and pushing yourself to achieve the balance affects the body, especially during menstruation. Failing to rest makes one anxious and cranky. It is recommended that one slows down during the hard days and completes that sleep cycle. 

Delaying Sanitary Change 

Amidst constant work schedules, you might not be able to maintain vaginal hygiene and forget to change. One common mistake that all the menstruators commit is delaying the change of sanitary napkins or tampons. Unable to maintain vaginal hygiene is one reason for infections and rashes. 

Experts have observed that menstruators who forget to change tampons frequently are more prone to the risk of toxic shock syndrome and fatal infections. They strongly advise to change sanitary products every three-four hours, without fail. Also, remember to wash your hands before and after changing. Your hygiene is in your hands.

Using Scented Soaps, Cleansers & Creams

Using scented products for cleansing, whitening or oozing fragrance is among the worst mistakes that one can possibly make. While these products are heavily loaded with chemicals like phthalates, parabens and cancerous compounds, they also interfere with vaginal pH balance. 

Unpleasant odour during periods is natural. Wash the vagina with warm water only and leave the rest on your veevee, and see its self cleansing properties at play. Avoid scented products and switch organic ones to protect your vaginal health.

Consuming Painkillers

Abdominal pain or cramping is a common symptom of the menstrual cycle, but the intensity of that pain differs among menstruators. The easiest way of coping with this pain are over-the-counter pain meds. As convincing as it sounds, its constant use puts you at high risk and exposes your body to heart attacks and strokes.

Suffering pain is not the intended solution but revising your dietary and lifestyle choices is. Increase intake of magnesium, calcium and vitamin B6 before and during your cycle. It helps reduce cramps and other PMS symptoms like headaches, mood swings and cravings. Just don't be a doctor yourself and treat your body with random meds. 

A painful period could mean many things ranging from a bad diet to estrogen dominance to cysts or even endometriosis. A painful period could mean many things ranging from a bad diet to estrogen dominance to cysts or even endometriosis. If pain is unbearable, it is recommended to pay a visit to your gynac & get yourself checked  cause it’s not normal to have an unbearable painful period. But in most of the above cases, solving is with food changes such as eating anti-inflammatory foods can be a used as first line of action

Golden tip: consider using heat pads during periods, it soothes the uterus and thus reduces cramps. Old school techniques are the highway to pain relief. Tried and tested! 


Ignoring Period Tracking

If you are among people who take mental note of period activities, it's high time you switch to tech. Periods tracking is significant. If you are trying to conceive, a period tracking app is your go-to tool. Documenting vaginal health goes a long way, not just for tracking pregnancy related events but knowing vaginal activities. 

What to record? Everything. From period flow to its colour, PMS symptoms to sexual activities, keeping track of your cycle is a one of the important marker for your health. Diseases like thyroid dysfunction, diabetes and other cancerous ailments can actually be identified by assessing your vaginal health. And worry not! These apps keep your data discrete and safe.

Ditching Exercises 

Symptoms like cramps, mood swings, fatigue prevents menstruators from working out. However, experts say that exercising daily, even during periods, helps in reducing the impact of PMS and de-stress the body and mind. 

Avoid over exercising. A few simple stretches or walking is more likely to ease period pain and improve sleep quality. Instead of enduring pain in bed, indulge in physical workout for not more than 30-minutes. Healthy body vouch for a healthy mind. 

Overeating & Dehydration 

Cravings kick in during periods, a natural sign. Be aware of your diet though. Submitting to cravings, sweet tooth or spicy platter, affects your period cycle in forms of bloating and mood swings. Not to forget the lethargic tendency of unhealthy eating that might keep you away from workout as well. 

Find healthy substitutes to your cravings. Hit the gym or exercise and you will feel much better by the end of the day. Keep your body hydrated. With changing oestrogen and progesterone levels, your body tends to retain more water. Sufficient intake of water also reduces cramps and bloating during the period cycle. 

Mistakes during menstruation happen, a common doing. Take care of yourself. Rest and record. Eat healthy and exercise. These simple steps rectify the errors and support your body through pain and fatigue. Besides, if you experience severe pain or discomfort during menstruation, knock on your doctor's door without delay. 



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